Is 3D CAD Productivity an Oxymoron?

Update: Nov 1, 2017

Streamlined Sketching and Feature Based Modeling

In this article I describe the convoluted constrained sketching process of today's popular Pro/e clones. From my own experience, I knew they were hard to use for conceptual design and almost impossible for changes.

But I was shocked lately when I took on Fusion 360, Solidworks and Creo as they compare to our products. It started as a product comparison but soon were articles on modeling technique. I was exposed to how this sketch and constrain process is used. If anyone modeled.. oops sketched this way I would fire them. I can see there is no standard for modeling and thousands and thousands of hours are wasted. It is time to take a look at increasing our productivity with what I have coined Streamlined Sketching and Feature Based Modeling.

Go to this article and review any one of the exercises. If you are designing this way, take a look at my modeling techniques and see the difference in productivity.

3D Modeling Techniques Defined

This is one of the more blatant examples of feature based modeling as it is compared to extensive sketching.

IRONCAD vs Solidworks Lesson Three

ZW3D vs Solidworks Lesson Three

Is 3D CAD Productivity an Oxymoron?

Much of marketing is finding a benefit and presenting it to you! Hmm, that only works if you are looking for something to benefit you! Most are living in the normal “This is as good as it gets" world or "It's good enough for me and that all that counts".

We can increase your productivity in Conceptual Design 5X!! Ho hum…

We can increase your productivity with Changes 10X. That’s Nice.. Yawn..

There is another marketing process of finding some “pain” and relieving it. This is where we are going to go.

I know, I know!! You are an expert!! You make incredible models!! So precise, so perfectly made! Nobody understands or appreciates the knowledge, the love, the effort that go into your models.

Ah perfection!!!

The boss walks up and says “We have some extensive changes”

You have a sinking feeling! You think this is going to be horrible! All that wonderful work you have put in to the model!!

And yes, it is horrible!!

But it could be worse!!

It could be “SOMEONE ELSE's MODEL”

The tedious works begins. You struggle, contemplating whether you should just start over. You ask “Would anyone notice”? You have your reasons all ready when or if they ask.

You start getting the “IS IT DONE YET”…

Whew!! Done!! I am glad that is over!!!

Then the haunting question “Did I miss something??”

Yes these are "The Days of our Solidworks Clone Lives”.

Sadly, there is no escape. All of the popular 3D CAD systems have this problem!!

So today “3D CAD Productivity” is now just another oxymoron.

So what do you do?

Well we are going to show you the solution to your pain.

Watch these videos:

In this video IronCAD knocks Solidworks for a loop! Imagine what it could do to Creo, NX, Inventor, Solid Edge or Catia???

Here is the latest from IronCAD.

Here are a few more informative Videos!!

IronCAD vs. Solidworks and other Pro/e Clones

So what does IronCAD have that those other programs don't??

Five Functions that Increase 3D CAD Productivity!!

So where the heck has this program been? Why aren't we all already using it!!

The Lost 3D CAD Paradigm!
How I Found Freedom in an Unfree 3D CAD World!

See easy real change in action!!

Reusing 3D CAD Models for a New Product

Okay that is enough propaganda!!

Now where the rubber meets the road!!

Give it a try! Start with modifying some of your more challenging Assemblies!
You can import the complete assembly into a single file!!

How easy is that?

Download IronCAD for a 30 day trial!!

Don't worry we include all of the native translators: Solidworks, Creo/Pro/e, NX, Catia 4/5, Solid Edge and Inventor.
Yes, yes we import and export all of the neutral formats plus Catia 4/5.

For more information or to download IronCAD
Warning: Even though IronCAD can design by sketching please focus on the drag and drop design!

Here is a great way to get introduced to the single model environment, drag and drop design, the incredible triball and the only true integrated history/direct edit modeling.

Self-Paced Training Guide Introduction Course                                             

Where does your 3D CAD system stand?

The Worst to Best 3D CAD System and Why

IronCAD now offers an annual rental of $1,500.00

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If you are interested in adding professional hybrid modeling capabilities or looking for a new solution to increase your productivity, take some time to download a fully functional 30 day evaluation and play with these packages. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like an on-line presentation.

For more information or to download ZW3D or IronCAD

Joe Brouwer