Yes, Take a look, it is truly incredible!!
 Could you do this in your system?

If you have an older version of Pro/e, NX, SW, Inventor, Catia 5 or Solid Edge you can have access to the latest native files for only $720.00!!!
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I sold an IronCAD INOVATE and ZW3D Standard to a customer. After extensive research she selected INOVATE because of its ease of use and powerful functionality. She was a CoCreate user and was used to the direct modeling paradigm. She was put off by the history only design after seeing how complex it was, but the price of CoCreate was out of her price range. She was very interested in IronCAD integrated direct edit and history based functionality. INOVATE, IronCAD's modeling only package at $1,270.00 fit into her budget.

I asked her if she needed to make drawings. She said she would like to but the price of IronCAD was just beyond her budget. I said I had a solution and introduced her to ZW3D. At and entry point of $1,270.00 it fit her budget. As she evaluated ZW3D she found that she would love to have the Free Form Class A Surfacing, Hybrid Modeling and Reverse Engineering capabilities and opted for the $3,000.00 ZW3D Standard package. Bringing her total to $4,270.00 because she included the INOVATE annual maintenance. ZW3D has no maintenance program, you just upgrade when a new version is released.

This is a chance to have two 3D CAD programs available for your design. How many times have you wished that.

If you don't need the ZW3D Standard options that brings the price down to $3,070.00


Here is a model I did in ZW3D Standard

Here is the model exported to IronCAD using Parasolids.

Here is one the flanges copied and revised in Inovate by moving the face.

Here is a Cable Assembly designed in INOVATE.

Here is the Cable Assembly exported to ZW3D with Parasolid.

Here is the cable assembly drawing created in ZW3D. ZW3D is unique that the drawing is integrated into the part or assembly and not an external file.

Here is the shell detailed separately showing how easily you can detail parts created in INOVATE with ZW3D.The parts could be created in any of the popular systems..

So you can see that this is a very compatible Combo.So you can see that this is a very compatible Combo.

IronCAD and INOVATE are the best conceptual design packages available.

Take a look at the following articles that shows what functions make it much more productive than the Pro/e clones of today.

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Four Functions that Increase CAD Productivity!

IronCAD vs Solidworks and the Pro/e Paradigm

Boeing 777 done in IronCAD

Yes, Take a look, it is truly incredible!!
Could you do this in your system?

I thought this may a perfect solution for others in the industry. The best conceptual package with another great package that allows full CAD functionality plus adding additional functionality that are not included in one package. At a price thousands less then the limited dated 1990's programs of today! Take some time to download IronCAD and see for yourself. There is just nothing comparable. What can you lose.

We sell in all of the USA and Canada!

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Now, let's take a look at ZW3D.

It was originally known as VX and is a complete professional CAD design system.
ZW3D Lite offers most of what is offered in all of the popular CAD systems plus direct edit capabilities. It is very unique in that it is the only history based system that can have the parts, assemblies and drawings in one file.

Is ZW3D Standard the Ultimate CAD System?
The Ultimate CAD system may not be the best in each category, but its overall combination of features gives it a level of productivity superior to other CAD products! Read this article and you decide.

The Ultimate CAD System

ZW3D Lite Learn 3D Design in 3 Hours

ZW3D Standard add Free Form Class A Surfacing, Hybrid Modeling, Sheet Metal Design and Reverse engineering.

ZW3D Standard Equal to all of the popular packages

All of the ZW3D packages include translators for all of the popular packages:

Imports Creo (Pro/e), NX/Solid Edge, Solidworks and Inventor.
Imports/Exports Catia 4/5 and all of the standard formats.

Flexible Product Design - White Paper

Beyond Direct Edit: Surface and Hybrid Modeling 


If you are only interested in ZW3D please go here for our latest prices!

ZW3D Pricing

The Very best 3D CAD Rental Offer!

The Case for Inexpensive CAD/CAM!

We sell in all of the USA and Canada!


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