Joe Brouwer, President and Founder, established Tech-Net, Inc. in 1988 after discovering that the engineering and technical communities seemed fragmented and unconnected.   In effort to bring together the communities, he determined that creating a technical network that encompassed the vast diversity of the groups would allow people to use each other as resources that further allow us to provide and deliver a full and complete solution that spans across multiple business needs. 

Today, Joe has over 44 years of engineering experience as a contract engineer with a large variety companies such as Pratt and Whitney, Boeing, Williams International, Solar Turbines, Ford Aerospace, Spacelabs, Square D, Hughes Aircraft, Convair, Teledyne Continental Motors, Martin Marietta and Gates Learjet. Since being introduced to CAD in 1982 he has accumulated over 54,000 design hours on 3-D CAD systems, diversified with 10,000 hours experience on Computervisions CADDS 4X, and the remainder on IRONCAD, ZW3D, as well as many other PC based CAD programs.

TECH-NET, Inc. is an authorized IRONCAD, ZW3D, and ROLAND Dealer, and we use these products in our own Engineering Division.  We offer engineering and manufacturing services including design engineering, drafting, 3-D graphic conversion, and Computer Aided Manufacturing.  Our associates are required to have a minimum of 2,000 hours of design hours on our programs. Most have accumulated many more hours than that, and are experienced across an extensive range of engineering disciplines.  In order to meet your project and business requirements, we will provide on-site contract labor, engineers, designers, draftsman, and CNC Programmers. 

We retain a network of partner companies that provide distinct and selected services ranging from metal fabrication to CNC machining.  All of our associate companies use CAD software, and many use CAM for production in their own CNC mills or metal forming tools.  In working together with our preferred partners, we are able to deliver complete companywide system integration services, including assistance with CAD, project planning, CAM, purchasing, payroll, billing, and payables.

Our Business Division provides support with an assortment of business applications from accounting to office automation.  TECH-NET, Inc. is able to deliver a highly scalable solution, which allows us to serve as a single responsible vendor by meeting requirements of any size of production environment depending on your needs.  We are able to support just a single server, or implement systems that support an expansion of over a hundred networked workstations.

TECH-NET, Inc. Business Division also provides assistance with presentation and promotional needs.  In efforts to help increase your company’s productivity we provide development of powerful marketing tools such as brochures, newsletters, graphic illustration, and technical manuals.  With growth of productivity, also grows the need for documented business practices and plans.  We will assist to establish and implement company workflows, processes, and standard procedures.  We use only the most current and professional software packages available today.

We can provide our engineering services in-house or in our own office. When working in our office, it is very easy to communicate quick and necessary changes via Skype, gotomeeting, phone, fax or Email. When complete, we will provide you with both finished printed drawings and on diskette or CD.

Joe Brouwer          Northwest USA and Canada           206-842-0360
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Marianne Ryan        Southwest USA                           408-375-2067

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