Prototek Project Reviewed!!

A few years ago we did a modification on the Line Finder, a project we did for Prototek. They took our data and had 3D parts made. No modifications were required. We were quite surprised that this went so smoothly with no additional input from us. It went directly to the mold maker. Please go to 2200 Linefinder and look at the original project, then the Linefinder Redesign. Enclosed are few pictures of the final product compared to the CAD models.  Please visit Prototek's website.

This was done mostly with direct editing so there was no history to fight through. This is an incredible example of the capabilities of explicit or direct edit modeling.  The original parts were done in IRONCAD. As you can see these are complex plastic parts with lots of blends/fillets, draft and features that had to be edited. Explicit modeling is really the future of CAD. We still design parts, one part at a time. IronCAD uses a Single Model Environment allowing you to do the complete assembly design in one file, not worrying about naming and data management until the project is complete enough to start detailing and separating the final parts.

Please take a look at the Line Finder Redesign in our Services Area.

With IronCAD you can have this incredible explicit modeling capabilities at a click of the right mouse button.  But IronCAD also has history base parametic design. The mixture of both history and direct editing is unique in the industry. Just imagine never turning down a job, knowing  you can take any part and modify it in hours instead of taking days to recreate it.  Moving it into your main package for detailing and part management if necessary. IronCAD offers INOVATE ($1,270.00). This is an incredible add-on for your existing system. It introduces you the next generation CAD.
Please feel free to DOWNLOAD IronCAD/INOVATE for a 30 day eval (Don't worry if you need more time) to experience a completely new way of CAD design. You can test all the translators Catia, Pro/E, UG, Solidworks, Inventor etc., and experience the expanded compatibility of integrated History/Explicit modeling today. We can also set up an on site demo or a gotomeeting. We also are available for engineering services.
If you need design, detailing, engineering, CAD data conversion or translation at a reasonable price, please give us a call for short or long term projects.
Please give me a call at 206-842-0360 or email at jb@tecnetinc.com to get a 30 day evaluation license for any of our products or if you have any questions. We can also set up a gotomeeting to show you the advantages and compatibility of our products. All of our prices are at the bottom of this page.
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All are "one button" renderings done in IRONCAD!
This is the new design!


This is the old design!


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IronCAD Product Comparison

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