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Student Version - $124.00 Full Version



Students - $124.00
Full Version


Today, 3D CAD is quickly becoming the tool of the engineer. The draftsman is slowly disappearing by attrition. So we now have budding engineers moving into the profession without the knowledge or experience of the drawing. This article will only focus on the industries beginning introduction to 3D CAD. I have another article addressing 3D CAD training that will be necessary in “Educating the New 3D CAD Engineer – 2015"


So you will need a CAD system. There are many CAD systems on the market. Today they are moving to a common standard in data format. Most can read and modify each others models. IronCAD offers a level of flexibility that will allow you breeze through your design projects. You can see in this article how they have become more compatible.


 "Universal CAD Compatibility is Here!"


So download IronCAD and start playing and give us a call. We have free support and will always be available to answer any question.

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Educational Pricing

"The most fun you can have with CAD"

Parametric Constrained and Free Form History Based Solid Modeling! Integrated Direct Editing, Constrained Kinematics, Rendering, Animation, Single Model Environment), Drag and Drop Design!

The Best Conceptual Design Package Available!!

The Worst to Best CAD System and Why!

CAD for the Industrial and Product Designer

IronCAD vs Solidworks and the Pro/e Paradigm

 Four Functions that Increase CAD Productivity!! 

The Lost 3D CAD Paradigm!
How I Found Freedom in an UNFREE CAD WORLD

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Full Time Students

IronCAD  $124.00 - Full Version!!!

Media Pack - $30.00

TRANS - $700.00
Reads Pro/E, Siemens NX, Solidworks, Solid Edge and Inventor.
Reads/Writes Catia 5 both .catpart/.catproduct
Note: Catia 4 import and export included in IRONCAD.

Dongle - $225.00 for Mobile use.

Educational Pricing - Attention Educators!

IronCAD  $1,240.00 - Up to 50 Seats

               $1,000.00 - Additional 50 Seats

TRANS - $500.00 - Up to 50 Seats

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Dear Full Time Engineering Student or Education Professional,

IRONCAD/INOVATE 2015 is a fun package to use and now has the MS Office interface. Fun is a strange way to describe a very powerful CAD package but the drag and drop capabilities offer a new level of design as compared to creating a sketch for every feature. The Tri-ball allows a high level of feature/part moving, copying and linking. Imagine linking a complete mirrored assembly in one easy to manage space. This is the most productive CAD solid modeling package available. It also offers a high level of hybrid modeling (running circles around SW). You can edit faces, holes, fillet, etc on non-native imported files.

The TRANS package includes Pro/e, Solidworks, Inventor, UG read and Catia 5 read/write!! INOVATE with the TRANS package offered at $1965.00 is the most reasonable way to be compatible with your CATIA system or Catia Customer. Of course you can read the Catia file and export it, if required, out to all the popular options including Catia 4. There is also a Catia Write Only option available.

Included in this release are some great 3D party programs like FEA, CAM, PDM, etc (see the list below)  


General Enhancements

  • 3D display performance enhancements that dramatically improve large assembly handling.

    Upgrades to both ACIS and Parasolid kernels to the latest available versions improving supplier collaboration.

    Enhancements to the DXF/DWG importer/exporter making working with legacy files even simpler. IronCAD includes a fully function scratch drawing package.

    A new the new TRANS translation package makes collaboration with suppliers and customers even easier. Most systems can read each others files and all neutral formats.

    Enhanced box select options that dramatically improve selection speed.

    A new face highlighting option that makes selection much easier.

    A new mechanism mode that provides motion visualization in the creation of mechanisms.

    Enhanced 3D constraint tool allowing greater flexibility in the creation of mechanisms.

This is a great package for fast and easy conceptual design.  Even if you are using a part from another system it can modify features and surfaces directly and even delete features if required. 

It is by far the best of both worlds, history based and direct editing of features.  Its realistic rendering and animation are part of the base program and is available at the touch of a button.  If you need a sketch the drafting module is fast and easy to use and is totally associated with the base part. 

This a very easy interface, the drag and drop allows you to drag a basic shape and start carving, need a hole grab one and drag it on to the part.  But if you have a special shape you need to create you have all the capabilities of a Pro/E/Solidworks like sketching mode, in fact all of the "Intellishapes" are based on 2D sketches. IRONCAD includes full associative detail and assembly drawing capabilities. It also includes full Sheet Metal Design.


A 30 day fully functional evaluation of IRONCAD and start playing and enjoying how CAD design can be fast and fun.

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Joe Brouwer
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