The 3D CAD Single Model Design Environment

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The Most Productive 3D CAD feature!

Solidworks has found this feature so productive
that they have incorporated it into their new
Solidworks Product and Industrial  Designer Packages

This format is now promoted with Solidworks Product and Industrial Designer packages as the "Single Model Environment". The "Single Modeling Environment" is the most productive feature easily allowing increases in productivity of 10x. Dassault knows this functionality cannot be implemented in the dated Pro/e paradigm that Solidworks is based and is wondering how to move its base to this highly productive modeling environment before they realize the incredible increase in productivity and move to another more cost effective 3D CAD solution that already has this feature.

Here is what Dassault says about the advantages of it in their advertising:

3D CAD Single Modeling Environment

"Think, create, and design the way you want – top down, bottom up, layout sketch, master model – without needing to pre-plan product structure."

Five Functions that Increase 3D CAD Productivity!

3D CAD for the Product and Industrial Designer!


Single Modeling Environment

No need to worrying about part numbers or naming until release.
No Modal Barriers. No Part Mode, No Assembly Mode!!
A drawing format that can access all of the parts separately.

Above you can see the different designs for plastic and sheet metal power strips. As we work with the customer the design develops. As you can see they are all in one file. Not only can we work with similar parts we can works totally dissimilar part or assemblies. On the right is a catalog of shapes, advanced shapes, colors, textures, tools (such as custom holes, fasteners, gears, bearings, etc,), sheet metal or custom catalogs with features, parts or assemblies. This view is in an exploded configuration, not affecting the original location of the parts.

I have worked with many people using the Pro/E environment and have listened to the complaints of having three separate modules to get their engineering done. No wonder we spend a fortune on PDM, when you have to start naming parts from the very beginning. Many of you are IRONCAD/INOVATE users and have been able to do your assemblies for years in one file. An associate of mine, that only knew SolidWorks, saw this and said it was just so much simpler just to have parts and assemblies available in one file. Many times IRONCAD/INOVATE users can have many different iterations of the assembly with different unique parts in different states of conceptual design.


IRONCAD can do the part and assembly in one file. By suppressing parts/assemblies, you can do your competed conceptual design in one file, never having to worry about naming individual parts or sub-assemblies until you finalize the design. You can export or send the file without populating your hard drive with all the parts. How many times has your SolidWorks indicated it can not rebuild the assembly, if you didn't export or send it to another user correctly. If you are a Pro/E paradigm user imagine how easy it is just to start designing, using the existing parts to drop common edges and never worrying about the part itself. Creating different iterations without a concern about saving the part or creating an new external part. The freedom is quite extraordinary.

Part Design Defined

The Assembly Defined

Above you can see the assembly of one of the configurations of the Power Strip. This was a metal version. You can see that it is an exploded view. This is a special view configuration not affecting the original locations of the parts.

Above you can see the scene browser or tree. The parts are all within one file. Now that the design is done I can externalize these parts or just define them in this assembly. You can have a drawing of each single part with the drawing module as shown below. The yellow and blue icons indicate assemblies. These are inseparable assemblies with studs and cinch nuts defined. The of the amount of assemblies, parts and AIDs (drawings) populating your hard drive. Two files to maintain with IronCAD for the complete project.


IRONCAD has a very complete separate AID (drawing) mode, that can do incredible documentation, from drawings to manuals utilizing all the parts and assemblies in different configurations.

Note: AID (Associated Information Document) we quite making drawings with the introduction of 3D CAD.

The Death of the Drawing

Above you can see the exploded assembly configuration presented in the drawing module.

Above you can see two separate assemblies ready for detailing. The views are defined by selecting from a list of configuration set up with any of the necessary parts. This is great for doing rigging or any special assembly instructions

ZW3D Multi-Object Environment

ZW3D has a Multi-Object Environment that allows you to easily start designing your assemblies where all of the parts are separate and available to easily create or modify within one file. A unique feature of ZW3D is that the drawing is also integrated within its associated part or assembly. 

Learning Mechanical 3D CAD

The Ultimate 3D CAD System

The Integrated Drawing in 3D CAD

Both of our products use a 3D CAD single modeling environment that is an integral part of the system and easily used in the design process. IronCAD provides an environment where all parts and assemblies co-exist in a single workspace. ZW3D is more conventional having all of the parts separately defined, but readily available for reference when creating mating parts.

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If you are interested in adding professional hybrid modeling capabilities or looking for a new solution to increase your productivity, take some time to download a fully functional 30 day evaluation and play with these packages. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like an on-line presentation.

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