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The problem a large company faces is with data compatibility. With all the different CAD systems out there it can be a very difficult to use non-native data. The problem has existed for years and we have been looking to neutral translators to solve this problem. This involved a request from the originator for a compatible format (STEP, iges). Now this would be fine if it was a small company where there was one person responsible for the data. But with a company the size of Boeing with hundred of engineering groups, this put the vendor data in the hands of an outside group. The outside group would soon be overwhelmed with translation requests and depending on the software may even delay the project.

What is needed is an easy to use inexpensive data translation package?

We have a new data translation programs starting at $1,300.00

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This product is very easy to use and can import and export all of the standard translators:
DXF/DWG, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, STL, etc.

It will also import and/or export the following native formats.

Import Pro/E, UG, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor.

Import/Export Catia 4 .model and Catia 5 .CatPart and .CatProduct.

Most CAD translation programs are just that, translators. You can bring the data in but only translate them out with what may be corrupt data, and at a much higher cost with much less flexibility. INOVATE TRANS offers so much more.

Think of it as a translator with an edit button.

It has what I have coined a UDE (Unified Design Environment). The problem with the Pro/e paradigm which many programs like Catia 5 have adopted is the they have separate part and assembly files. When you import a file you populate a hard drive with all the separate parts and assembly files and then have to work in the top assembly this creates PDM situation. In INOVOATE with TRANS you bring all the parts into one easy to use file (You do have the option for external files). You can easily suppress any part or assembly to work with or to export to a new file especially in the case of Catia 4 to match its file size limitations.

Here is a example of its capabilities. This is a 700+ part assembly imported from a Parasolid file. As you can see INOVATE puts the parts in their defined assemblies and even links some of the identical parts like fasteners.

This image shows the complete assembly. It imports in minutes and rotates and views incredibly fast for such a large assembly. Notice I have selected a sub-assembly, it shows highlighted in the scene and also in the tree (bottom left).


Here is the selected sub-assembly. You can click through the different parts and features until you have the selected item and with one right button click you have the data to view, export or work with.

You can verify that you are not sending out any extraneous information. You have the ability to work with the parts and assemblies with both history based and explicit capabilities to correct any corruption before sending it out to any other package.

INOVATE TRANS also allows you to create realistic renderings, animations, kinematic studies, presentations and more.

At this price it is affordable for each group to have direct and easy access to all the popular programs.

I look forward to discussing how INOVATE may simplify and enhance your workflow.

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Import of
PRO/E, NX, Solidworks
and Autodesk Inventor.
Import and export Catia 5.
Note: Catia 4 import and export included in Standard IRONCAD/INOVATE.

IRONCAD and INOVATE import/export all of the standard formats plus Catia 4.

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