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Why Not Investigate a New CAD System?

With the world's new situation suggesting that we stay at home; we are finding ourselves with some free. This is a great time to investigate a new CAD system.

We represent two great seasoned 3D CAD packages that offer much more productivity than the 5 major CAD systems.

Both systems offer 30 days to evaluate of the full product which includes the ability to import Catia 4/5, Creo (Pro/e), Solidworks, NX, Solid Edge, AutoCAD and Inventor.

Import full assemblies into our single or multi-object file environment and see how easy and more productive you can be having full projects or sub-assemblies in a single file!

I am available on Skype most of the time from 4 am to 3 pm for a presentation or support as you evaluate the product!

Give me a call at 206-842-0360 or email at joe@tecnetinc.com

I would like to first present our IronCAD Products    

For more information or to download IronCAD

I have been using, selling, supporting and training IronCAD for 25 years. Where in the world do you get that kind of support. IronCAD is the very best conceptual design 3D CAD system available.

Five Functions that Increase 3D CAD Productivity!!

IronCAD is our fully functional CAD design system!

For all your mechanical design needs.

Price: Perpetual $3970.00 Maintenance $895.00

Annual Rental $1500.00

The Rental and Maintenance allow you to have an extra mobile license.

Competitive System Special   Reg $5965.00 Special $4275.00 Includes IronCAD, maintenance, support and the translation option ($700). This special comes with a 3 month evaluation period or more if required.

Inovate is a modeling only program!

Price: $1270.00 Maintenance $295.00

It is great for creating designs for 3D printing or that need no documentation. It also includes the integrated graphic design capabilities IronCAD was based on. Realistic Rendering, Animation plus most of the modeling functionality of IronCAD.  

IronCAD Draft - AutoCAD clone! $595.00 Upgrade $200.00

IronCAD draft is included with IronCAD for added compatibility with .dwg!

IronCAD Compose - Viewer Free

Free Version reads IronCAD native files including the drawings.

IronCAD Compose Pro - Viewer $250.00

The Pro version allows you to import, view and manipulate all the above major CAD native files. Compose includes all of IronCAD's graphic capabilities for realistic rendering and animation. It is great for salesman, purchasing, marketing, graphics (to generate images and annimations), planning and other company departments.

Now I would like to present our ZW3D Products   

For More Information or to download ZW3D

I have been using, selling, supporting and training ZW3D for 20 years. Where in the world do you get that kind of support. I have called ZW3D the Ultimate truly integrated 3D CAD/CAM System.

The Ultimate 3D CAD/CAM System

ZW3D offers two levels of CAD design

ZW3D Lite

Fully functional CAD design system

Price: Perpetual $2000.00 Upgrade $400.00

Rental: 6 months $450.00 12 months $800.00

ZW3D Standard

It is ZW3D Lite and adds full Class A surfacing, sheet metal design, shape morphing, robust reverse engineering, advanced assembly functionality and more.

Price: Perpetual $3000.00 Upgrade $600.00

Rental: 6 months $650.00 12 months $1200.00

Version Comparison

ZW3D has integrated manufacturing: Mold Design and CNC. You can review the those products here!

ZW3D Products and Pricing

TECH-NET Engineering Services!

We sell and support IronCAD and ZW3D Products and
provide engineering services throughout the USA and Canada!

Why TECH-NET Sells IronCAD and ZW3D

Joe Brouwer