ZW3D 2020 Prices
Interoperability is the Wave of the Future!

ZW3D 2020 MSRP


1-Year License

From any Version

Yearly Maintenance






ZW3D Lite





ZW3D Standard





ZW3D Professional





ZW3D Premium





ZW3D 2X Machining





ZW3D 3X Machining





ZW3D 5X Machining (Premium Add-on)





ZW3D has authorized TECH-NET to sell ZWCAD, an Autocad Clone. I have to tell you, I will not be supporting it since I am only 3D and have never used an electronic drafting package.
But I am sure you can get your answers from ZWCAD

ZWCAD vs Autocad



(Any version)

Yearly Maintenance
(Prepaid upgrades)

ZWCAD Standard




ZWCAD Professional




ZWCAD Mechanical



$260 (1-year limit)

ZWCAD Architecture



$300 (1-year limit)

ZWCAD Education




Maintenance Note: You have to have the maintenance in effect before the next release.

One of ZW3D's largest advantage over the major 3D CAD systems is its price. ZW3D purchased VX CAD software years ago and took if from a marginal system to what I call the "Ultimate 3D CAD System". We are having huge success due to our very "Reasonable Rental Program".

ZW3D offers more flexible rental and purchasing options than any other 3D CAD/CAM system.

Please take a look as some of our comparisons to the major CAD systems!

This is lesson is a stark example of ZW3D productivity over Solidworks

ZW3D vs Solidworks Lesson Three

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ZW3D SP is Here! See What's New!

For more information and to download!

New!! 3D CAD - Designing with Shapes - Presented by Phil Procario, Jr.

  • ZW3D has no maintenance contracts. You upgrade when you want.

  • Upgrades will always be twice the upgrade price if you are two versions or more behind.

  • No penalties, that we have grown to hate with the other Major CAD companies.

  • There are no upgrades included with the reasonable rental option.

The two unique features that offer a level of productivity that cannot be matched by any of the Major 3D CAD Systems no matter what price.

  • The Multi-Object Environment - Parts and Assemblies in a Single File

  • The Integrated Drawing - Take the Pain out of PDM.

ZW3D is the only mid-range truly integrated CAD/CAM system!

The Case for Inexpensive Professional 3D CAD!

The Case for Inexpensive Integrated 3D CAD/CAM!

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ZW3D offers an incredible value. Just look at how the major CAD vendors treat their customers:

  1. High initial costs
  2. High annual maintenance fees
  3. Huge penalties if you do not keep your annual maintenance current
  4. High annual subscription costs virtually putting you at the mercy of the CAD vendor
  5. High rental fees if they even offer them

Take a look at ZW3D customer friendly upgrade prices below.

Just compare prices vs features and ZW3D comes out ahead.

You do have a better Choice!

You are Not Stuck with Autodesk or PTC Subscriptions! There are Other Options.

ZW3D is a great enhancement and even a replacement for your existing system.

We offer the Autodesk and PTC users a great inexpensive 3D CAD replacement.

With its robust native translators for all of the popular 3D CAD system, your legacy data is easily and effectively available for new design. ZW3D even reads the PMI for Creo, NX, Solidworks and Catia. With a new document control system you can be compatible with all 3D CAD system.

The Ultimate Document Control System

A Brief History of Surfacing TECH-NET ZW3D Special For Rhino Users

For More information or to Download ZW3D

Give me a call if you would like to put in an order or if you have any questions.
We represent ZW3D in the USA and Canada

Joe Brouwer

Here are some interesting articles showing the capabilities of ZW3D.

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The Most Incredible Presentation of Hybrid CAD Modeling, Ever!!

Beyond Direct Edit: Surface and Hybrid Modeling

ZW3D Version Comparison


Heck, try it for 12 months before you sign up for Autodesk's or PTC's Subscription, locking your precious engineering data into their system forever or even pay another maintenance contract or upgrade for your current software. It it truly worth a look at a pittance of the price.

Experience bringing your assemblies from your current package into one easy to use and maintain single file.

The way you work may change!

Again, please feel free to call for more information.

Joe Brouwer