ELECTRIC MOTOR ROTOR - An Exercise in Helical Shapes

ENGINEER - Ed Sweo  DESIGNER - Joe Brouwer from TECH-NET

This job was done from Mr. Sweo's 2D sketches in 2003. It took hours working with Ed to describe this concept. It was modeled and rendered in IRONCAD.

This model is of the interconnection conductors in the rotor of a brushless doubly-fed induction machine, the subject of Mr. Sweo's patent # 6,278,211.  These conductors reverse the direction of rotation of the AC current in the two rotor lamination stacks, which are shown as the discs on opposite ends of the assembly with 28 slots for conductors.  The conductors which extend through the lamination stacks are connected by end rings at the outside ends of the dual rotor stack.

The use of the brushless doubly-fed machine is as a variable speed motor or generator, where this method of construction allows control of all the power output over a limited speed range with a control rated for only a portion of the total power output.  The total motor plus control cost is estimated to be 20-30% below that for a standard inverter controlled motor in the 100 HP up size range.

Below is the exploded view, this is a configuration set in IronCAD/INOVATE that does not alter the original locations. The right and left conductor groups are linked copies. This design is done in a UDE (Unified Design Environment) or the Single Model Environment, which means there were no externally referenced parts.

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3D CAD Single Modeling Environment

Even though this project was done over 13 years ago I thought I would pull it up and create a few more images.

The image below shows is the basic helical shape of connector 7 in the history. The purple is a reference to the rotated linked image indicating that will also be affected by any changes. It was my first project with extensive use of the helix function in IronCAD. It was incredibly easy and fun.

Image below shows both halves of the rotor. Connector 7 is highlighted in both halves.

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As I think back working with Ed, I ponder on the wonderful projects I have been involved. From Boeing with the initial design of the 747, NASA with the Manned Maneuvering Unit even on the XM1 tank at Teledyne Continental Motors! I was and still am a lucky fellow to be able to do exactly what I feel I was destine.

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