ZW3D vs Fusion 360 Lesson 1
3D Modeling Techniques Defined

Streamlined Sketching/Feature Based Modeling

I am not sure if it is due to these exercises but I have replaced a few Fusion 360 with ZW3D. Listen to what one of the fellows said.

"We spoke a year and a half or so ago about ZW3D. I took the Autodesk Fusion 360 but am becoming increasingly unhappy with it… It’s not very productive for me, just too slow and cumbersome to get things done quickly. On on the strength of your recommendations I am ready to give ZW3D Standard a shot, probably as a rental for the first year.

Bottom line is, Fusion 360 is “free” but not really free… I am finding that the slow, clumsy pace of design with it is counterproductive… time is money."

Thanks much, Brian

Again I follow up my IronCAD lesson with a ZW3D lesson. This is a bit different and quite simple. ZW3D has Boolean primitive shapes you can use, nothing like IronCAD but offers an added flexibility.

I saw the following video challenges on LinkedIn and thought I would give them a try on IronCAD. I got a great response and decided to do it in ZW3D. I was very familiar with the parts and did it a bit easier. It shows more the difference in the level of the 3D CAD experience than the CAD system itself. You can Download ZW3D and give it a try.

Fusion 360 Challenge of the Month: March 2017 



Here is the drawing.

ZW3D vs Fusion 360

ZW3D is very similar to Fusion 360 and the Pro/e clones with differences that make it much more streamlined. It is very easy for those users to get up and running with ZW3D. The unique benefits over the other systems is the multi-object environment, for easy top down design and the the integrated drawing. You can do complete projects (parts, assemblies and drawings) in one file. Imagine how much this would simplify PDM? 

I would do a video, but I really am not good at it. So I will show you step by step. I will try and get ZW3D support to create one. They are very good.

The modeling technique is hugely responsible for the level of productivity. Those of you that are only trained in the sketch, sketch, constrain, constrain world are truly limited by not using the freedom of feature based design, that is available in even the most Pro/e-ish of CAD systems. If your designers are designing in these very unproductive and time consuming processes it might be time to review your standard design processes. Don't have any do you?

These have actually turned these into exercises in modeling techniques as compared to showing a more productive CAD systems. Again, I say there are many different ways to model a part. I see with my exposure to direct edit modelers like CADKEY, I rarely sketch like you see the Fusion 360 fellow doing. I have always created my basic sketches by mostly creating offsets and extending and trimming or. It seems to be much easier. I never put in a fillet that can be created later. What do you think? Of course, this take a good understanding of descriptive geometry.

Here is ZW3D. We set the units to millimeters.

The first thing we will do is insert a block from a Shape>Block Shape at X0Y0Z0 and set the size at 100x60x50. ZW3D has 5 primitive shapes available.

We now create a sketch on the top face.

We proceed to create the lines to create the profile to extrude. Notice we can create the line with the length, which makes this very easy. No dimensions or constraints needed.

We exit sketching and return to the main workspace and select the extrude command to create the cut extrusion.

We select OK and finish the cut.

Now we will create another sketch on the front face. This is where we differ with the Fusion 360 presenter and you will see why.

We exit the sketch and create the cut

This is where I differ from the Fusion 360 example. Making the front diagonal cut first we do not have to create the points since the features are there to create the datum. A click of the right mouse button brings up a dialog box with a dialog box with the option "Insert Datum"

We Insert a datum using three points

After the datum is create I create a sketch on using that plane and proceed to create a rectangle. The size is not important as long as it includes the faces we need to cut.
I am sure the Fusin 360 example could have also used this function. I am not sure why he split the solid, maybe just to show the command. But most CAD work is being charge to some program, so the most efficient techniques should be taught. This is the different between CAD jockeys and a engineering professions.

I just create the extrusion and pull it up enough to make the cut.

select OK and the cut is complete.

Now for the back cut. I will just do them since they are just like the front.

We will now mirror the features.

We mirror the features and we are done. Was it easier in ZW3D.  Yes, a bit. ZW3D adds a more functionality that increases productivity, at least compared to this Fusion presentation.

It is very important that you look into how you or your engineers are creating the parts. Streamline Sketching and Feature Based Modeling is easy to learn and implement. It, alone, can increase productivity 10X. Now, ZW3D with its unique history and robust direct edit functionality can increase your productivity another 5X or more with changes! Again, time is money in engineering.

More on Streamline Sketching and Feature Based Modeling.

3D Modeling Techniques Defined

To experience this increased level of productivity, please download ZW3D for a 30 day evaluation. Legacy data is no problem, ZW3D can read the native files of all of the popular programs including the PMI data of NX, Solidworks, Catia and Creo. ZW3D is a great replacement for the subscription only Autodesk and PTC products.

For more information or to download ZW3D

Give me a call if you have any questions. I can set up a skype or go to meeting to show this part or answer any of your questions on the operation of ZW3D. It truly is the Ultimate CAD/CAM System.

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