777 in Ironcad

Boeing 777 done in IronCAD

This was done in 1998 by Simon Floyd in the first release of IronCAD!

Yes, 20 years ago. Does anyone remember the level of operation of Solidworks in those days? IronCAD was decades ahead of the industry and still is. With its true Single Model Design Environment, the only truly integrated history/direct edit modeling, drag and drop design, sketch-based design, robust documentation module and so much more. Easy 5X increased productivity in  conceptual design 10X when modifying. 

Realize this was done in one file no external parts!

Rendering was also done in IronCAD!

Many ask, "What is next for CAD?"

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Reusing 3D CAD Models for a New Product

Below, you can see Simon's 777 in the very early version of IronCAD. We now have almost 20 years of enhancements which easily make IronCAD the most productive 3D CAD system by far. Think about the level of Solidworks in that same year. Solidworks would struggle with this project today. I can make changes in hours that would take days in Solidworks and other Pro/e clones.

Is 3D CAD Productivity an Oxymoron?

As I said above you can see how it is done in one file. You can see the parts and sub-assemblies. Look at Fuselage End under the Mirror Half, you can see the separate features. Most are positive and negative shapes dragged from the standard catalog on the right.

Here is great rendering of another one of Simon's projects. You have to remember these renderings were done inside IronCAD with its integrated rendering package.

Here is the engine in IronCAD to show how productive it is to design in a single model environment. You can see this is a later version of IronCAD.

Here is a video actually modifying the engine!

IronCAD - Design Faster, Better, and Become Truly Productive

To experience this increased level of productivity, please download IronCAD for a 30 day evaluation. Legacy data is no problem, IronCAD can read the native files of all of the popular programs. IronCAD is a great replacement for the subscription only Autodesk and PTC products.

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IronCAD is much different than the popular Solidworks clones. The above features offer a complete different, more flexible and productive design process. Please use this excellent training tool to get introduced to this unique 3D CAD design solution.

Self-Paced Training Guide - Introduction

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The Ultimate 3D CAD Program


Four Functions that Increase CAD Productivity!!

IronCAD vs Solidworks and the Pro/e Paradigm

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