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This is the last in a series of articles documenting my experience with the introduction of 3D CAD into industrial/mechanical engineering. Please take some time to read them all. From board draftsman, to 3D CAD designer, to 3D CAD program dealer, to 3D CAD teacher, some of this information may surprise you. 


55 Years in Engineering


My First 17 Years or "How did we do it without 3D CAD!"

The 1980's - 3D CAD - The Beginning

The 1990's - 3D CAD/CAM Moves to the PC!!

The 2000's - The Age of 3D CAD Un-Enlightenment!

The 2010's - The Age of 3D CAD Nothingness

September 11th, 2020

First I want to remember those that died on this date 19 years ago.

We are now coming out of the lockdown. Most of my customers are doing relatively well. Many industries are telecommuting when they can. I have sold a few seats of IronCAD and ZW3D and had a few projects. If you have some FFF design, drafting, documentation or checking give me a call.

IronCAD and ZW3D 2021 version are soon to be released.

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Not much industry news. Nothing in the CAD world! Boeing is struggling.

I have some friends at Gulfstream, looking for jobs after 30 years. But my friend at Raytheon in Tucson, says things are booming. Of course, that is government projects.

Just a bit of pandemic update.

I have been studying it. There is the state of the virus in Kitsap county:

That upward blip was 73 cases spread in a hospital. All wearing masks in a controlled environment! What chance does a regular person have?

Both Kitsap county and Washington are below their previous high.

This is an interesting shot at one of our worst counties. This one caused the mask mandate. They implemented the mandate 20 days after the peak. Looks like this place has hit herd immunity. This county is 60,000 people smaller than Kitsap.

The USA seems to be a huge success story

I have been out and about here in Washington. Restaurants are open. I did take a great trip to Idaho. No masks, no distancing, it felt so normal. Well, you all be safe and if you are at risk, by doubly careful.

April 10, 2020

That was a bit of an understatement. The world has been put on hold due to a "Pandemic"

What is a pandemic?

Sadly, this has been hyped up by the MSM so much that they have everyone running around, uh staying home scared.

I live in Kitsap county, a ferry boat ride west of Seattle, with 266,000 people and we have 90 active cases.

On TV they only show you the totals. Do an exercise. Get today's total and subtract the total from 2 weeks ago, those folks are over the virus or dead. Do it for a couple of days and watch the trend. Many of the dead died with the virus not of the virus.

World Population -  7,100,000,000

USA Population 331,000,000

Remember the hot bed in Seattle? Actually King County

King County Population  2,189,000

We were sadly lucky in Seattle, we had 9 deaths attributed to the virus in the beginning of March. We were washing our hands and keeping our distance right away. But west coast people are not touchy feely anyway, so our behavior didn't change. We barely make eye contact at the grocery store.

Many places did not take it seriously like New Orleans, NYC and many other east coast cities. But most of the rest of their states counties are like my county, virtually unaffected.

Now there are hotspot and I do not want to lessen the concern in those areas, but look at your local stats. Do they deserve the amount of fear generated and being locked down?

In my county we have 5 separate areas that split up the 90 cases. Those cases are not growing we are now losing more cases than we are gaining. We have been keeping track for one month today.

Now, you should not stop washing your hands, keeping a distance between strangers, acting like you have the virus and staying home if you are sick. That is actually common sense at anytime.

But there is no pandemic in my county or the complete Olympic peninsula! Is there a pandemic where you are?

We are in for some very tough economic times. They have us locked up for another month. You would think they would open up the restaurants and other stores in these minimally affected areas, make sure the servers and employees are tested, it is their livelihood. Yes, no bars or places where groups of strangers gather for that month. Then take another look.

We do not want the cure to be worse than the disease!

I am afraid this may be the biggest planetary miscalculation in history!

Stay safe.

As for my Boeing. I am beginning to wonder if it is really too big to fail!

I am still selling software and supporting my customers on Skype. I am surprised how many are working virtually.

With this lockdown, it is a good time to learn some new 3D CAD software. I am usually available on Skype from 4 AM to 3 PM weekdays and 4 AM to 10 AM on weekends to answer any questions or to do a presentation.

Got Some Free Time?

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January 1, 2020

We patiently watch as the Boeing 737 fiasco works it way out. As you know I put much of the blame of Boeings engineering problems on Dassault's Catia 5 PLM/MBE environment. I don't think Boeing has the applicable knowledge to return to the proven engineering standards of the past to restore its reputation.

I don't want this article to make Boeing a "Whipping Boy" for the industry, but Boeing seems to lead the way in engineering incompetence driven by PLM. I have another article "Engineering 101" that is a bit of a running report on failed engineering.

Recommendations to the New Boeing CEO

  • Eliminate Dassault’s Catia 5 PLM and MBE

  • Eliminate the CIO Position

  • Put Engineering back in Charge of Engineering

  • Re-implement the Engineering Standard
    and Document Control Processes of the Past

  • Bring Back the Drafting Group

Can Engineering Survive without the Drafting Group?

Related image

This is a drafting room. No, it was not called the engineering room. Drafting was the basis of all engineering.

I will keep you up to date on any new related information as it shows up.

Stay tuned.


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