Update: ZW3D now imports PMI from Catia, NX, Creo and Solidworks.

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I was working with a fellow, from a large NW aircraft manufacturer, who is responsible for converting parts from systems like Pro/E, UG, Catia 5, Solidworks, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, etc to Catia 4.  He looked to use IRONCAD/INOVATE to do these conversions and gave me glowing reports of his success. As you know Catia 5 does not do a good job sending part information back to Catia 4 or actually reading Catia 4 for that matter, when you have virtually all of the the company's aircraft except for the the latest airplane are done in Catia 4.

They really need a 21st Century CAD solutions. 

IRONCAD/INOVATE is that solution. Yes you could call it Catia 4.5. With the translator options it can read all the native files from all of the popular CAD programs. You can then write Catia 4 files. Now there are some size limitations on what Catia 4 can read.  No problem, you can go into IRONCAD/INOVATE and save only the data you need.  If fact you can work in IRONCAD/INOVATE as if the parts were natively created. We also have a solution for effectively exporting solids to Catia 5, both catpart and catproduct.  Actually we can deliver a smooth transition for all CAD data, this would increase productivity across the engineering and manufacturing enterprise.
IRONCAD/INOVATE not only does Solids, but it can edit all of the other entities in one easy to use 3D space.  Let's say you have an IGES model made up of surfaces, you can easily heal them into a solid.  You have 2D data, just pick and choose the entities to extrude, spin, sweep or loft into a solid or just to the work in 2D. All entities can coexist in that one file. You can then go to the layout mode and do your drawings. You can even have multiple drawing of assemblies in one file.
1. History/Parametric Solid Modeling
2. Advanced Surface modeling. (IRONCAD)
3. Complete explicit solid modeling with push/pull functionality.
4. Complete detailing capabilities. (IRONCAD)
5. Sheet metal unfolding
6. Boolean Subtract and Add
7. UDE (Unified Design Environment) Do all your design in one file or save them as reference parts to use in different assemblies.
8. Unmatched interoperability by any system. You virtually use any data from any system.
IRONCAD/INOVATE can virtually become Catia 4.5 with all the next generation explicit modeling capabilities. You now will be able to talk to all the vendors and they can supply you with their native files or you can have them send you one of the standard formats. 
This is an incredibly cost saving solution by increasing compatibility and productivity. You can export good solid models to all of your vendors and suppliers assuring compatibility.

Also take a look at IronCAD Compose!... You can read your Catia 4/5 files directly for review and virtually any kind of communication.

Give me a call if you have any questions. I can set up a Skype or go to meeting to convert some of your Catia parts 4 or 5 and show you how easy it is to instantly start modifying them.


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ZW3D now imports native NX, Catia 5, Creo and Solidworks files with PMI

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