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Special ZW3D offer

From Oct. 11th to Nov. 11th, 2016, all customers who buy ZW3D, all versions except Lite and 2-Axis Machining, can enjoy 50% off on a second license.

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The Worst to Best 3D CAD System and Why!

Universal 3D CAD Compatibility is Here!!

ZW3D 2015 – The Ultimate 3D CAD System

Design Tools

Fully Functional 3D CAD!

All ZW3D products include the capability to read native Creo (Pro/e), NX/Solid Edge, Solidworks and Inventor files. Read/write of all of the standard formats plus Catia 4 and 5. JT is an option.

ZW3D is very similar to Solidworks and the other Pro/e Clones. Here is a part I created from an old drawing. It shows the capabilities of ZW3D and how easy it is to use and to be pickup by any CAD user.


Not ready to buy? Take advantage of our very reasonable rental pricing starting at $294.00 per year, yes I said year!!

The Very Best 3D CAD Rental Offer!!

ZW3D Lite  $1,300.00
Special $1,170.00

Complete Professional 3D CAD system with both history base and direct editing solid modeling and compete documentation functionality.
Learning Mechanical 3D CAD

ZW3D Standard  $2,500.00 The very best 3D CAD Value!
Special $2,250.00

The is the best value adding Sheet Metal Design, Robust Class A Surfacing and Reverse Engineering to ZW3D Lite.
Beyond Direct Editing: Surfacing and Hybrid Modeling

ZW3D Professional  $4,000.00
Special $3,600.00

Adds Whole Process Mold Design to ZW3D Standard

Manufacturing/CNC - True Integrated 3D CAD/CAM!

ZW3D 2 Axis Machining  $1,500.00
Special $1,350.00

Includes ZW3D Lite to add 3D CAD functionality

ZW3D 3 Axis Machining  $4,000.00
Special $3,600.00

Includes ZW3D Lite to add 3D CAD functionality

ZW3D Premium  $7,000.00 Virtually NO Competitor!!
Special $6,300.00

3 Axis Machining with ZW3D Standard and Professional

ZW3D Dongle $125.00 for Mobile Use


IronCAD 2016

The Best Conceptual Design Program!


Ref: What’s New in IronCAD 2015 - Includes some great videos.

Ref: IronCad vs Solidworks and the Pro/e Paradigm
       Not just another Pro/e Clone!

Inovate $1,270.00
Special $1,195.00

One of the industries only Modeling only packages. It is a great add-on for any 3D CAD system or if you are only creating 3D models. It offers incredible conceptual design. Ref: Four Functions that Increase CAD Productivity!! 

IronCad  $3.970.00 The very best CAD Value!
Special $3,795.00

Adds Sheet Metal , Surfacing, Documentation, Intellishape (added modeling functionality) and a 2D drawing package.

IronCad  $4,290.00 Includes USB Dongle
Special $3,995.00

Adds Sheet Metal , Surfacing, Documentation, Intellishape (added modeling functionality) and a 2D drawing package.

Incredible CAD Combo!

IronCAD’s with its easy to use Drag and Drop design, Single Model Environment, Direct Edit Functionality and the power of Triball offers a level of conceptual design that is far beyond any of the Pro/e Clones. But at $3,970.00 it may be out of the price range of many inventors, independent designers/engineers and small companies looking to use its incredible productivity. We have put a couple of options to have a combination of IronCad/Inovate and ZW3D to get full functionality at thousands less. ZW3D adds documentation functionality and all of the other great 3D CAD features. Have two 3D CAD packages available can easily increase your productivity.

Take a look at this article showing the seamless interoperability between the two programs.

The Incredible 3D CAD Combo!

Inovate + ZW3D Lite  $2,570.00
Special $2,313.00

This combo brings ZW3D Lite documentation functionality to Inovate at a much more cost effective price.

Inovate + ZW3D Standard  $3,770.00
Special $3,393.00

This Combo offers the best of both worlds. The incredible graphic capabilities and conceptual design flexibility of INOVATE plus the added hybrid modeling of ZW3D Standard at a price as you can see any professional can afford.