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ZW3D Rental Starts at $720 Annually!
Yes, We said "Annually'"

ZW3D Pricing!

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ZW3D is a professional 3D CAD engineering package and it is not recommended for those who are not engineering professionals or students with no prior 3D CAD experience. While we will help you get started we are not equipped at this rental price to teach you 3D CAD from scratch or engineering design. Don't let this low price fool you.

We do have training and support available for an additional cost.

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The Worst to Best 3D CAD System and Why

  • Ready to start your own consulting business? ZW3D offers a professional level of 3D CAD at a price even a wife could support.

  • If you are an Autodesk or PTC user and are not happy with the subscription only this is a chance to slowly move to a new more productive system.

  • Start Up? Buy one perpetual (To always have access to your IP) and what ever amount of rentals necessary to get the job done at hundreds not thousands.

We are replacing Solidworks and a surprising amount of Fusion 360! Here is what two Fusion 360 user said




"We spoke a year and a half or so ago about ZW3D. I took the Autodesk Fusion 360 but am becoming increasingly unhappy with it… It’s not very productive for me, just too slow and cumbersome to get things done quickly.


On on the strength of your recommendations I am ready to give ZW3D Standard a shot, probably as a rental for the first year. Bottom line is,


Fusion 360 is “free” but not really free… I am finding that the slow, clumsy pace of design with it is counterproductive… time is money."


Thanks much,  Brian




 The initial hull design was done in Rhino, which for some reason is a standard in the boat industry.  The surface already had a few problems!  It was imported into Fusion 360 and I did some of the early concept design work, but when it came to surfacing I hit road blocks every way I tried it. 


At this time Phil was not part of the project, but I suggested to my client that we needed Phil's help. Phil also hit road blocks in Fusion 360 even using some of his unique re-topologizing workflows and T-Splines. 


The rest is history, as they say.   Thanks to ZW3D paired with Phil’s surfacing skills we now have tooling for the hull created.  You should see the images.  Perfectly smooth reflections! 




Here are some exercise that show the comparison with Solidworks and Fusion 360. It started as a comparison of products but soon turned into a study in 3D modeling techniques. This is where I introduce Streamlined Sketching and Feature Based Modeling.


This is one of the more blatant examples of feature based modeling as compare to extensive sketching.

ZW3D vs Solidworks Lesson Three

More exercises!

ZW3D vs Fusion 360

ZW3D vs Solidworks

ZW3D vs Creo

ZW3D vs NX


ZW3D vs Inventor

ZW3D Lite is comparable to Solidworks but with some unique benefits:

  • Similar in operation to Solidworks and other Pro/e clones
  • It is much more user friendly
  • You can do complete projects in a multi-object (Single Model) environment
  • The drawing is integrated in the same part or assembly file.
  • Translators for all of the popular 3D CAD systems and neutral file formats. Solidworks, Inventor, Creo, NX, Solid Edge and Catia 4/5
  • Includes PMI import for Solidworks, Creo, NX and Catia.
  • Easy to use integrated direct edit functionality

ZW3D Standard adds many Advanced Design Features

ZW3D Standard could be called The Ultimate 3D CAD System 

  • The best in 3D Hybrid Modeling
  • Class A Free Form Surfacing and Shape Morphing
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Robust Reverse Engineering (Point Cloud/.STL Conversion)
  • Expert Assembly and Motion

This is just a small list of the flexible functionality offered by ZW3D. ZW3D's only comparable CAD system is NX, at thousand less and much more friendly design environment.

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What is ZW3D Lite

ZW3D goes far beyond CAD by offering one of the industries few truly integrated CAD/CAM system. Please take a look at the mold design and CNC options.

ZW3D - The Case for Inexpensive CAD/CAM!

These offers are only good in the USA and Canada!

Please feel free to call for more information or put in your order.

Joe Brouwer

For more information or to download ZW3D

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We import native Solidworks, NX, Creo (Pro/e), Solid Edge and Inventor.
We Import/Export Catia 4/5 and all of the neutral formats.

We include PMI with NX, Catia 5, Solidworks and Creo. You can bring complete assemblies into one file.

Here are some great examples of ZW3D in action!

Selcuk Ozmumcu is an incredibly creative industrial designer and is the most proficient and prolific 3D CAD modeling I have ever met. He is a professional Alias, Catia and Solidworks user and has now moved to ZW3D, fully utilizing the Hybrid Modeling including Wire Frame, Surfacing and Solids.

Here is his latest creation!

He shows the design process here!

FreeWing | Modeling Process

Here is more of Selcuk's work.

Greatest Presentation of Hybrid 3D CAD Modeling, Ever!!


These were done in ZW3D and rendered with KeyShot which is a ZW3D option. As you can see the professional performance of ZW3D cannot be denied no matter what the cost.


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