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The Very Best 3D CAD Rental Offer!

The Case for Inexpensive 3D CAD!

Here are some interesting 3D CAD modeling exercises. They started out as product comparisons, but soon moved to a study in 3D CAD modeling techniques in which I introduce Streamline Sketching and Feature Based Modeling. ZW3D offers the functionality of designing with primitive shapes which can increase productivity 5 to 10X. The basis of all engineering is part design and documentation.

ZW3D vs Fusion 360

ZW3D vs Solidworks

ZW3D vs Creo

ZW3D vs NX


ZW3D vs Inventor

ZW3D vs Solid Edge

ZW3D vs Onshape

Here is a comment by one of my customers that just moved to ZW3D Lite:

"Well Joe, I'm back using SW for my daytime job and ZW for my evening job. Much prefer ZW."  

I would also like to introduce you to Phil Procario, Jr. Phil is one of the most experienced and prolific 3D CAD designers I have ever met. He has completely moved to ZW3D Standard for his personal and work 3D CAD system. He is now the ZW3D go to guy in TECH-NET. Read what he says about ZW3D.

Phil’s ZW3D Corner

What is ZW3D Lite?


Take a look how it works!!


Master 3D CAD Design in 3 Hours!

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 Please feel free to download ZW3D for a free 30 day evaluation

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We can offer you an annual (yes, annual) rental of ZW3D Lite for only $720.00.
Perpetual is only $1,800.00

Give us a call at 206-842-0360 for more information or to put in an order.
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Read through the features of ZW3D Lite and compare!

The very best features are the Multi-Object environment and Integrated Drawing. Design your complete project or assembly in one file including the drawings! This eliminates much of the data management problems.

Hybrid 3D Shape & Feature Modeling

  • Advanced solids with built-in primitive shapes

  • Superb shape simplification for direct editing of any geometry

  • Import and export of all industry standard formats, including PMI data for NX, Catia, Creo and Solidworks

  • Feature commands for holes, threads, lips and rib networks

  • Integrated Model healing

  • 3D engraving on solids and surfaces

  • Unlimited undo/redo capability

  • Variable-offset shelling and draft

  • Part comparison utilities

2D Detailing, Sections, Details/BOM & hole Tables

  • Integrated Drawings in part or assembly 

  • 2D Detailing, Sections, Details/BOM & hole Tables

  • Automatic layout with projection, sectioning and detailing

  • Hidden line, wire frame, shaded and fast hidden line views

  • Advanced sections of trimmed parts or trimmed surface

  • QuickDraw geometry with One-touch trimming & dimensioning

  • Annotate views, sections and details with True Type

  • Fonts Assembly exploded, detail, configuration and history state views

  • GD&T Editing and creation

  • Bill of Material, Hole & Electrode tables with auto-ballooning

  • Title Header fill-in with attributes, variables or images (logo display)

  • One-touch model recall

SmoothFlow Direct Edit & Quick Edit

ZW3D features a next generation 3D SmoothFlow design paradigm. SmoothFlow will make ZW3D the fastest, most effective 3D CAD system available anywhere. It combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of dimension-driven designs, without losing the features and functionality of history-based modeling. You can modify features quickly and effectively on native or imported geometry without history regeneration.


ZW3D burst technology offers efficient handling of 10,000 part assemblies or larger. By special handling of display data, ZW3D minimizes memory usage which allows users to efficiently manipulate and manage assemblies from design prototyping through manufacturing.

  • Single Model Environment

  • Strong support for assembly-centric design

  • Top-down or bottom-up assembly design

  • In-place assembly shape modeling

  • Editable Bill of Material with Excel link

  • On demand data retrieval

  • Assembly patterns

  • Interference checking

  • Exploded views (automatic & interactive)

  • Part lookup with predefined search paths

  • Constraint-based component positioning

  • Assembly history regeneration offer more and better edit behavior.

PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)

PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) is 3D annotation, which allows designers intuitively create dimension and annotation on the 3D entities.

Geometry Healing

ZW3D healing with new healing function can analyze and quickly repair abnormal conditions found in the geometry of imported files (e.g., vertex points, edge curves, UV curves, and face boundaries). These abnormalities include gaps that are impossible to machine. ZW3D can resolve thousands of such problems in minutes. Even though ZW3D can go straight to work on poor geometry, great healing tools are still essential to anyone that works with imported data.


ZW3D has good capability to convert 3D model file, including IGES, PARASOLID, STEP, DWG/DXF, STL, VDA file. For image file (jpg, tif, bmp), many work can be done in ZW3D. Such as 2D images imported into sketch environment can be converted to lines, arcs or curves. Any CAD model can be saved as 2D/3D PDF.

Directly read other CAD data from CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, INVENTOR, including 3D models and PMI. With "Associative import" function, the imported 3D model can be updated after editing in ZW3D. Any 3D models can be directly saved as CATIA V4/5 part or assembly file.


ZW3D 2021 New CAD Features: Tackling Complex CAD/CAM tasks

ZW3D 2020 New CAD Features: Faster and Faster

ZW3D 2019 New CAD Features: Increased Productivity Improvements

ZW3D 2018 New CAD Features: New Associative Import


Using or thinking about using PMI? ZW3D can create 3D PDF including the PMI.

Don't worry ZW3D can Directly Edit Non-Native Parts. Your legacy data is no problem.

Is ZW3D "The Ultimate 3D CAD System"?

Learning 3D Mechanical CAD

Require more Advanced Functionality?

Surface and Hybrid Modeling with ZW3D Standard

Rental costs $1200.00 Annually or $3,000.00 perpetual (It is your option)

The Spider was designed in ZW3D Standard

Spider/Electric SUV

Need cost effective integrated mold design or CNC?

The Case for Inexpensive Integrated 3D CAD/CAM!

For more information on other versions of ZW3D CAD & CAM

Give us a call when you get any of our products downloaded and we will set up a skype meeting and give you a demonstration and some tips. We can show you how to incorporate this important cost effective capability into your engineering process. We also have rental pricing on our other ZW3D products.

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